Customers Creations

Finished Assorted Cactus

Multi Crystals

Mikes Mushroom Pitcher

Lion Light



Greeth painted by Austin


Stencils the kids love creating their own

Christmas Tree Finished

Paint with us and Cord and Bulbs included


Painted by a 12 yr old

Austin"s  Plate

Tie Dyed

One of our Regulars

Clear coating a Horse Hair Cup

Valentine Cups

Antique a Love Cup for your favorite Valentine


Love Crystals

Customers Creations
Customers Creations
Skull head

Put a Candle in your Skill for a little light

Customers creations

Perfect pieces for your garden

Customers Creations
Chip and Dip
Chip & Dip Creations
Austin & Mimi's piggy banks
Adobe Cookie Jar

Assorted Collection of Cookie Jars to store your favorites

Cactus light sm

Paint with us and receive a Cord and Choose of bulb color

Cash's B. Plate

Crate the Perfect gift for that Special someone

Wine Glass

Drink your Fine Wine from this Beautiful Glass

Mother Cup
Lizard Med
Route 66 vase
Spring Time
wax wrap a vase

Wax Wrap a Vase and make it your own

Kokopelli Lg
Painted by Our Artist Austin

Painted for a Special Customer

Go Vikings

Great Gift

Paint and customize your own
Sea Plates

These plate are dishwasher and Food safe

Succulent Planter
Customize a piece

This rock was customized to catch water running down from your eves

Dinner dishes
Cereal bowl and spoon
Succulent Planter
Turtle box
Bear Christmas Light
Gecko Candle Light
Dog Dish
Dog Dish
Christmas Plate

Food and Dishwasher safe

Globe Light
Sunflower Plate
Dog Dish

Food and Dishwasher safe

Blended Wedding Plate

Perfect Gift for A Special Couple

Blended Plate
Little Customers creations

Painted by: Adriana & Eva

Cactus Light

This Beautiful light was glazed by: Alex

Shark Bank

This ceramic creation was painted by: Mrs. L

Sunflower spoon holder

This piece was created by our Artist: Kyli

Big Donkey Bank

This piece was created by one of our Special lit Customers :)

Salsa Bowl

This Beautiful bowl was painted by: Our artist Kyli

Moon & Back mug

This awesome creation was painted by: Our customer Alex

Garden Stick

This ceramic piece was painted by one of our customers

Light house Light

This piece was created by: Adriana

Honey's Beard Mug

This ceramic piece was painted by: Our Artist Kyli

Mixed Pot_

Mixed with two colors of slip to make this Forest Affect then painted with clear glaze. Painted & Created by: Our very own Austin

Honey's Space bowl

This piece was glazed by Kyli

Mason Yard Light

Painted by our artist Austin

Mothers Day Ceramics

These ceramics painted by: Laura and Family

Castle Box

This ceramic was painted by: Ria Zigmans

Sunflower Pitcher

Painted by: Austin

This Rock Dish was painted by: Connie

Painted by our artist: Ria Zigsman

Happy Birthday
Lg Cactus light with additions

Painted by our Artist: Austin Let this night light show you the way in the dark.

Famous California Rasins

Ceramics can also be for Racing. Sitting on the back of a bomber car ready to race

Cactus Lights
Painted by: Kathy

Kathy created these beautiful gifts for her family

Love & Faith Tiles

We have tile to create the perfect wall photo, back splash or us them as coasters

Fancy vase

Painted by: Cassie She add a few Color Burst Crystal Chips to give it a unique design


Painted by: Kyli & Nevaeh They added some French Dimensions to give their creation a 3-D effect

Poncho Planter

Painted by: Say hi to Poncho the planter. Put him in any garden to guard those veggies

Stump Planter

Painted by: Kathy add a frog to keep an eye on them plants

Garden Rock

Add a little color to your Flower Garden this summer Painted By: Cassie

Butterfly cup

Painted by: Mimi This is a great little cup to sit by your bathroom sink

Bathroom Caddy

Painted by: Carlen Carlen used only on glaze (Kaleidoscope) to get this cool effect

Pirate Mug

Painted by: Chris Howdy Mates this summer drink your favorite beverage in this awesome pirate cup

This piece is done in Acrylics by a Creative Customer

Hello from John Wayne This piece is done in Acrylics

This piece was created by adding a couple pieces to one

This Halloween piece was done in Acrylics and Created by a created customer

This piece was done with Red Crystals made to Drip

This piece is a Skull Mug

Pumpkin With Cat
Frank Gnome Finish

Artist: Austin with this Beautiful Crystal Drip Mushroom Box

Cute Love Mouse Light

Chip & Dip Hat

Serve your favorite Chips and Dips in this Awesome Hat

Soup bowl

Antique your own piece

Owl box Great Gift for that Special someone

Heart Windchime

Wind Chime make a great gift lots to choose from :)

Cactus Light

This Beautiful piece was hand painted by our Artist Austin

Mckenzie's panda